Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pizza Rolls


2 Rolls of sausage

2 Packages of Pepperoni

2 Cans/jars pizza sauce

2 16oz. bags of mozzarella cheese or 1 bag mozzarella and 1 bag mild cheddar

2 packages of egg roll wraps-20 in each pack

and any other pizza ingredient you wish: mushrooms, onions, green peppers, red peppers, anchovies,pineapple,ham,and bacon.
Fry sausage, set aside to let cool.
Cut pepperoni into 1/4 size pieces
In a large mixing bowl add pepperoni,sausage, cheese,pizza sauce and all other ingredients and mix until everything is covered by sauce
Set aside a small cup of water and a large cookie sheet.Put wrap at an angle, put a tablespoon of mixture on the center of the wrap.
Fold bottom up over the mixture and pull tight. Fold sides in and roll wrap until all you see is the corner.Dab your finger in the water and wet tip of wrap.Finish rolling and set on cookie sheet or a plate.

Set aside to let dry and try not to stack them on on another, the wraps tend to stick to each other. Preheat deep fryer to 425degrees and deep fry the rolls for 3-5 minutes, enough for wraps to turn brown.Let cool down and enjoy. I over stuffed my rolls and so it made them very hard to make them into rolls. I have been teased about mine because they look like
They taste great no matter how you roll them.