Monday, July 28, 2008

I Am Pulling My Hair Out!

I have missed blogging so much. The past couple of weeks I have been so stressed out .I have been so needing to blog and just vent. This may seem like a complete post of complaining but today I think I deserve just one day to complain. Mel, I may show up to your complaint blog soon just to let loose.

This all happened on Monday the 21.

I have been having a great summer and then wham it all goes plop. I get a notice in the mail that I am up for jury duty. For most of you this is just a small hassle that causes you soon problems. For me I was freaking out. I have a problem with strangers and big crowds and changes. I have been working on it for the past couple of years and I have been doing great. I went back to school like most of my closer friends on her know, but I still haven't been what I would call, a normal person.
Nervous 2

I told myself, after receiving the notice, that I could do this. I told myself I could walk into that courtroom like a regular person and be fine. Nope, it didn't happen that way. I was freaking out but I was OK.
Then I found out what I was going on the jury for. I got up there, I was shaking and I told them there was no way I could look across the room and see this man as innocent. He had killed his two year old son by smothering him with a pillow! How can anyone sit and listen to any evidence and keep him innocent in there heads. Maybe I am a bad person but I could not sit there and say I could do that. My name was the first name to be excused.Thank you Lord for that Blessing:-)

I had been sick for almost 2 weeks prier to the court session and going there just made me sicker. I had told Michelle that there was no way I could watch the kids the following day. My great friend Stacy, who you all know from her blog called My Thoughts, agreed to watch them. I must brag a little on my Stacy Wacy. She stayed with me the whole day at the court house and then took the kids so I could have the day off. I just really appreciate my Stacy.

That night we were hit with a storm with winds of 80 miles an hour. Our power was knocked out. The worst part was that we went without power for over 46 hours. Stacy had to watch the kids all week. She is so awesome! I had no way to cook and it was so hot because we had no fans to cool us. I didn't get hardly any sleep because I had Kevin and Shawn sleep in the living room so there could have so air from the open front door. I stayed awake all night to watch and make sure no one came walking into my house with the door open all night.

We did finally get power back and I did finally get some sleep but it was just all so crazy.

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74WIXYgrad said...

I am proud of you for being able to get through all of that Sindi. A lesser person couldn't have handled this as well.