Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boy, Am I Tired But Happy :-)

Here is a post form 2008 found in my drafts.Cleaning out my drafts is nice, such good memories.

I missed babysitting for friends and family. I was so use to do it that when I took a year off I missed it greatly. I am not babysitting full time again but the times I do, Wow! I am enjoying the time I get to spend with faith and Gage. I am sooooooooo tired though. I forgot how tired I would get after a day with children.

The first day I started watching them again I made Faith cry. I told her that she needed to start picking up her toys because her Mom would be picking her up in an hour. She
started to cry because she didn't not want to go home. The picture on the left is the sad face I saw. I told her if she gave me a smile then I would give her a mint. The picture on the right is the big smile I saw.

On another day I was watching her she came at me growling like a monster. I just had to take this picture. I even left the red eye in for the effect. She said she was a monster and she was going to get me. She got me HE HE HE HE

The past couple of times she has been here I can't get her away from the TV. I pulled out my son's old Ronald McDonald cartoons one day when she wanted to watch a cartoon. They came out with them back in 1998 or 1999. If you bought a happy meal and paid an extra $1.99 you got a new tape. We bought 4 of them for Shawn when he was still into cartoons. Faith just loves to watch them. She wants to watch all of them every time she is here. She just cracks me up but boy am I sick of watching them.

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