Saturday, November 10, 2007

Caitlyn And Cody

I am writing this post about my niece, Caitlyn, and nephew, Cody. I am dedicating it to Cody. Lately Cody has been calling me and asking me all kinds of questions. They are not important questions but just things he would like to know. The other day he gets on their computer at home and he starts instant messaging me. He was bored and just wanted to talk and send me silly icons. I was very busy so I told him about my blog. He loves to read so it kept him busy for a little while so I could get things done that I needed to get finished. I get another message about an hour later from him. He just loved it and wanted to know when I would be writing another post. I told him that I had things to do but I would post one by the end of the day. I get a phone call later that night, he is wondering where my new post is. I did get the post out that night before he went to bed. So I figured if I write this post about him then it will make him happy. So Cody here is a post about you and your sister, I hope you like it :)


She was a very small baby. The first day my sister brought her home we all went to my grandmother’s house so Lori could show off her new baby. We were all having a great time when Chris called and told us that we had to rush little Caitlyn back to the hospital. The doctors’ office called and said that she had Jaundice and needed to be brought in as soon as possible. You could tell my sister was scared, but Caitlyn was fine after a couple of days stay in the hospital. This picture was taken right before we rushed out the door with her. You can see how yellow she looked.
Caitlyn did not grow very fast so we always had this cute little thing running around smiling at you all the time. This is a picture of her hanging over my porch trying to see what I am doing.
She is growing now and we all never thought she would. She is getting good grades in school and is taking gymnastics. Here is last year’s school picture. She is growing into a very beautiful young lady.


When Cody was born I could not be there like I was when Caitlyn was born. The reason being I was taking care of Caitlyn. She had never been away from her Mommy except when I would watch her during the day. She had never ever stayed the night any where and Lori was afraid that Caitlyn would freak out. Caitlyn was going to stay with us until my sister came home from the hospital. I spent the whole day playing with her and we took her to the circus. Then Kevin and I took her out to eat and the rest of the night she played with her cousin Shawn until she fell asleep.
I always called Cody my giggle baby. I swear the boy was born laughing. Even when I don’t see him for a long time, I can still hear his little giggle. This picture of him shows how much he liked to smile. He is still smiling today. The boy can drive you nuts sometimes but get him laughing and you forget how scatter brained he makes you. This picture is when he was a little older and he just has the cutest little grin. He was my little trouble maker too. I went through three playpens just trying to keep him confined long enough to go pee. He was so smart that I finally gave up on playpens and I made him go every where I went, even to the bathroom. I put a little chair in there and when I had to go, he had to sit and wait. He is older now and he is still as smart and silly as ever. He has always wanted to know about things, which is good, until he takes something apart. He wants to know how things work and does not stop to think that maybe we don’t want things taken apart. Once when I was watching him, I let him play under the kitchen table with his toys while I did some house cleaning. He came into me a little later with a handful of screws. He had taken all the screws out of my table. He could tell I was angry with him and in a few minutes he had the table back together. He was about 4 or 5 then.
One time I was talking on the phone with Lori, his Mom, and we had talked for a while. She tells me to hold on so she can check and see what the kids were doing. I hear her scream something and then she get back on the phone. She says” You are not going to believe what I just found him doing!” I tell her to calm down that it could not be that bad. Boy was I wrong! He had walked around the whole inside of the house and taken off all the door knobs. As soon as she told me I busted out laughing. I just could not believe it. He did go back around and put them back on. To this day just the thought of my sister’s face when she saw what he had done makes me smile.
This is his school picture from Last year. He is 9 years old now. He is a cutie and he will break a lot of hearts someday. Well, I hope you all liked reading about my niece and nephew. I know I will be getting a phone call from Cody very soon; I know he will have to let me know what he thought. HE HE HE HE


stacys1175 said...

this was a good post it described cody to a T and caitlyn. I laughed my butt off about the door knobs I never knew that.

ps cody if you read aunt sindi's comments I just want to tell you HI

Amel's Realm said...

AWWW...I LOVE reading this one SO MUCH plus I ENJOYED the pics. Caitlyn's LOVELY and Cody is truly a smily boy he he he...

I can't believe he could take the screws off your table when he was that young! Tsk tsk tsk...He could be a genius in mechanics he he he...

Btw, you're tagged. Go here:

5 Most Annoying Things Meme

kasper794 said...

Great post. I forgot how cute they looked when they were younger. All our kids are growing up so fast:( Well Gage has a blog nowI linked him on mine check it out. It's called Gage's World.

Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading about your niece and nephew! They are so cute! I think Cody must be very talented to be able to take all these things apart and put them back together again.

Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

That's so sweet of you. He must be very excited reading what you've written about them. A message to Cody:-

"HI, Cody!! You're a smart kid and lucky to have someone like your aunt Sindi..." :)