Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have not had a chance to get to my computer in almost 2 days. I know now that I am addicted to blogging. I have just been going nuts. I have a hard enough time getting to every ones blogs because of only having dial up and then to read them and leave a comment, but then being so busy to not even be able to touch the keys. I feel as if I am neglecting my blogger friends because I can't make it to every ones blogs as much as I would like to. OK, enough with me feeling bad. Now on to the good stuff.

Yesterday, the 14, was my Hubbies birthday and that took up a lot of my time. I did not have a lot of money so Stacy ran me down to the store so I could buy the things I needed to make a cake. We left from the store and headed over to the tool store,that's what I like to call it, so I could pick him up a tool he showed me in an add.

When he showed me the add I had to tell a little lie, forgive me Lord. I told him I had no money. I only had about $8 but it was just enough to get 2 tools and the stuff I needed for a cake, Thank you Lord. Kevin was not expecting much when he came home from work because he knew I had no money to do anything. All he was expecting was dinner.

When he came home the first thing I did was tell him Happy Birthday. He could smell his dinner cooking, I made one of his favorites, fried pork steaks, fried taters and corn. He got a big smile and said " is it almost done?". I wanted to throw him off a little so I told him that the trash needed to be emptied. After he emptied the trash I told him that I had a surprise for him. I gave him the 2 presents that I had wrapped in the Sunday funnies. He loved them but he was even happier when he saw the cake I made just for him. Here is a picture of it. I did not do to bad for my first try at a tower cake. He loves Recee Cups so it is covered in them. Oh, and it tasted pretty good too.

He did ask where the money came from because I had told him that I had no money. I had to confess that I took it out of the grocery money so we would be eating crap meals the rest of the week. He smiled and didn't seem to mind. We watch a movie and then went to bed. For me it was a very busy day.


kasper794 said...

The was rich and delicious. You did a great job. I'm so proud of you.:)

Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

Your post made my eyes watery a little...That was such a lovely moment. How love is so special... :)

stacys1175 said...

its about time you get on here and post something HE!! HE!! the cake looks good hopefuly you saved me some becuse i was coming over today.HA!!HA!! Im glad to hear kevin liked his tools and cake.:)

Kathy said...

You made his birthday special! The cake looks really good. I know that he appreciated everything you did.

Amel's Realm said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...this is such a LOVELY post, Sindi!!!

You're SO sweet he he he...and that was your first try to make a tower cake?!?!?!?! You're so TALENTED! I wouldn't have been able to make such a good one on my first try. It looks SO VERY delicious that I wanted to bite it away from my monitor he he he...

Hey, don't worry about visiting your blogger friends' blogs. Just take it easy he he he...

Frasypoo said...

Thats a good looking cake!
Dont worry about not coming by,we understand

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi Sindi,

May I make a suggestion. When I visit my friends I usually go to their badges and buttons first, then to my blogroll. I have a badgs and button page on my site. I love your jumping frog insignia. Send me the gif or if you have have it on a photo sharing site, send me the url and I'll make you a button that your readers can put on their sites which, when clicked, will direct them to you.

Monday Morning Power said...

That cake looks wonderful. Your hubby is a lucky guy, and I think he knows it.

Pilgrim said...

I must have an allergy to this post. I had to use my sleeve a couple of times to clear my eyes.

Kevin is a very lucky man.

Sindi said...

I am glad you and Faith lied it.

Choc mint girl,
Yes, love can be very special.

I am sorry you missed out on the cake. You know how many people I have that go in and out every day. I did try to save you one, but to many people and not enough cake. Sorry :(

Yes, I tried to make it as special as I could. I am glad the cake turned out good.

Please don't bite the screen or we will not be able to talk, HE HE HE HE I will be coming to your blog real soon or you may just get one of my rainbow letters again.

Thanks for being so understanding, I worry sometimes that I am not being the kind of friend that I need to be for people.

I think my Hubby knows it but if he doesn,t then I will just have to give him a good kick in the hide quarters. HE HE HE HE

Sorry to hear that you are allergic to my post. I don,t think that they have made a pill yet to take care of the problem. I guess when we both have this problem we will just have to keep using our sleeves.HE HE HE HE HE HE :)