Monday, June 2, 2008

Blogger Withdraws or What Have I been up too-Part 1

Heeeeelppppp! I am having blogger withdraws! I need 20 cc of blogging stat!


I have been away from blogging for almost 2 weeks. I have not been able to blog like I want to in about 3 weeks.I have missed Wordless Wednesday 2 weeks in a row. I have not even been able to visit blogs. I bet everyone is wondering what in the hell has been going on. I hope you all are ready because do I have a story to tell. :-) This may be a tad long, Sorry!

The Story Begins

I would say about the third week in May, Michelle came over to ask me for a favor. She had been having problems with her current daycare lady and was thinking about changing day cares. She had found a new daycare but the kids would not be moved to it until the 2 of June. There was only 1 problem, the new daycare was not open on Fridays. I happily said I would take the kids to help her out. One day a week was not bad and I have been missing the kids since I quit babysitting. I could also use the extra pocket cash, but who doesn't.
Money 3

My week started having a mind of its own about Wednesday May 21. Michelle comes over all upset and tells me that she has fired the daycare and needs to see if there is anyway I can take over watching the kids until she can get them into the new daycare. I of course say yes but then I am pissed when I find out why. Michelle finds out that her son has been getting hit by the other children. Gage tells Michelle about it and she goes to ask about it the next day.

Michelle inquires to why her son is being hit and nothing is being done about it. This lady has the nerve to look Michelle in the face and tell her that it teaches her son a lesson. What kind of a person thinks that a child getting hit teaches a lesson. What lesson? To take a beating and no one will help you because you are a child! There is no excuse in the world for any ones child to be hit by other children. I have watched that boy from the time he was 1 year old to Oct. of 2006 when I quit. I don't care how much of a royal pain in the butt he can be, he does not deserve to be hit by the other kids. Sorry if I sound angry but I am! I watched little Faith on Thursday and I had both Gage and Faith on Friday. Stacy came over on Friday and was equally upset when I told her about it. Now we move on to Saturday the 24. My friend Tiffany is in the army. She met a very nice man and they have been dating for a while. His name is Chris. Saturday he was coming down to spend the weekend here. He wanted to meet Tiffany's family and friends. Saturday I sat here keeping Tiffany busy because she was so excited that he was coming. I think she was going crazy Crazybut we will just keep that between us. HE HE HE

Chris lives about 8-9 hours away from here. He had called her when he left and then called about every hour to let her know where he was at. About 6 that evening we all finally got to meet Tiffany's new man. He was very polite and respectful. He was very nice and he made a lasting impression. He's a keeper!
We were only able to visit with him a short time because Kevin and I had to run off to the store to finish getting the goodies for the big party on Monday. We left them at our house so Tiffany could show him pictures and so he could get use to the people that are around Tiffany everyday. When Kevin and I returned they were gone. Tiffany had to help him find a hotel then we were all going to meet up at the festival that was in town this week.
The festival was a blast. I took pictures while the others road on rides and won prizes. Chris and Tiffany looked so cute together. My Mom, Brother and friend Beth tried to sneak a peek of Davy Jones. He was in town also for the festival. There were a lot of stands there to buy stuff. I ended up getting a bobble head frog and 2 plaques. We walked around for about 3 hours. I didn't think that much walking would bother me, but it did.

Sunday morning, race day. OK, for those of you that don't know me very well I think I need to let you know just a little about me. Up until about October of 2006 I hardly ever left my house. You always heard stories about people that never went outside much, well hello now you know one. The past year or more I have had what I call an awakening. I take every chance there is to go out side, go some where and do something. This year I, along with my friend Beth and my brother, received a gift from a tobacco company. We and a guest were given free tickets to the Indy 500. We all decided that since none of us had ever been before that we were going to go. Just the thought of being around that many people scared the hell out of me. I had decided I was going to go. I was going to suck it up, swallow my fear and just go.
I got up Sunday morning and could not walk. I had walked so much the night before that I could not step down without pain. All I could do was sit there and cry. I wanted to go and I knew if I didn't then everyone would think that I chickened out. I cried for a few and got up and walked around until it eased up a bit. We left an hour later then we had planned to but we all piled in my Mom's van and headed to Indy.(top left corner of pic)

The drive there was great and I was really starting to feel better. We get into Indy and come to a dead stop. We see a blimp go by while we were waiting. (top right corner of pic) The traffic was nuts. We sat in traffic for about a half hour before we got to our parking spot. Thank God we had a spot in a reserved parking lot or we would have had to park from about 20 miles away, and I am not exaggerating. The place we did park was about 10 miles away. I walked every last step with a messed up foot, complaining the whole way. HE HE HE HE

I didn't really complain, I didn't say much of anything until I just couldn't walk any more. We had left the house at 9:00 am on the dot. We got there and parked at about 10:15.We had to stand in line for a short time to get our free tickets. When we got our tickets they also gave us a lot of free stuff to take with us.(Bottom left corner of pic) Kevin and I each got a Team Penske back pack, set of ear plugs, a team hat, and ticket holders for around our neck. In my bag I also received a set of binoculars, a camera, and 2 litter containers (glorified ash trays). We were all excited by this point because we did not know we would be receiving free stuff.

We walked from 10:30 until 2:00 before I finally said that I was taking a break even if they left me behind. Our seats were so far away that we missed the starting of the race, the balloons being let off, the jets flying over head, and the parade that my friend was in with her army unit. We took a 15 minutes break. Then we finally go to where we climb the stairs up to our seats. We climb to about 60 or 70 feet up the bleachers and a bunch of drunks were in our seats. We could not even get over to our seats to make them move. We could not just stand on the stairs so we climb the rest of the way up. Bottom right corner of the pic is a picture of the back stairs that we ended up going down.

We had all made a deal before we left the house, if anything went wrong we would just go home. We are at the top of the stairs with no where to sit and enjoy the race. Kevin and I sit at the top of the stairs and Beth goes down one flight and sit there. We are all just so tired from the walking and from going to the festival the night before. My brother tells us to rest up, we are heading home. I was never so happy to hear those words in my entire life. We did go home. Everyone was not as disappointed as much as I thought they would be.We know what to expect now so next time it will be better. We were just happy to say that we went and experienced something new, but we will never do it again unless we buy the tickets.We want to be able to pick our seats low enough so we will not need to bring our own oxygen to breathe. HE HE HE HE
I am happy because I did something that I was afraid to do.

My next post will be the continuing of this one. I will ad pics of the Memorial Day festivities. It was a hoot. :-)


Suzie said...

Wow you are one busy gal

Roger said...

What just that? lol jk you been very busy and I am glad to see your post Sindi!

Martha said...

What a great friend you are. Poor Gage. AND WOW! Chris is a hottie!!!!

Amel's Realm said...

Indeed you've been busy!!! I'm glad everything turned out okay in the end, even though your legs got SO tired!

And WAY TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on deciding to leave your house again he he he he...