Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogger Withdraws or What Have I been Up Too Part 2

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I am going to jump right in where I left off. We had just gotten home from the racetrack. We were hot, tired and hungry. Kevin and I had to run to the store again because we had forgotten things for the party like cups , plates and silverware. The party was my brother's idea. My brother came up with the idea but I had to execute it. The only thing he contributed was 50 of the bratwurst and beer.

I finally get home from the store and get only a 45 minute break before I start the cooking for the next day.I throw the 5 pounds of meatball in the slow cooker so they can start cooking while I try to start the rest of the food and cook dinner. I was up until 3am cooking. I made chicken and noodle with mashed potatoes for dinner and then did all the other cooking. I made meatballs, macaroni salad, deviled (God) eggs, onion dip, and a walnut cake. I was so happy to go to bed.

The next day was an eventful one. This is a picture of most of my guest.
From left to right: Chris(tiff's new man), Tiff,Stacy and her Hubby Steven , Katelynn(Stacy's daughter), Stacy again, Kevin ( My Hubby), Kelcey( Stacy's Daughter), Evan, Michelle and her Hubby Randy,T.J.( My dog), Lynn (my Mother), Bubba Todd and Beth, and then me at the bottom. As you could see I was tired. My brother Chris was also there and Michelle's 2 kids, Faith and Gage, and my son Shawn.Tiffany's new man had to leave early because he had a 9 hour drive back home. With the little time he had left here in town, it was nice of him to spend it here with all of us. My bother (Chris) started the bratwursts cooking and all the guys gathered to watch them cook. I hollered over for them to smile and this is the picture I got.After the food was finished everyone ate. I just had to take this picture of the men all sitting around with their bellies full. My brother then yells" Who is up for volley ball?". I was not because my feet still hurt from the day before. I did enjoy taking theses pictures of everyone else playing.During one of their many breaks, my son grabs Faith and gives her a big hug. Kevin was tired of playing volley ball so he decided to chase Faith around the yard. She just loves it when he starts growling and then bolts after her.If he stops for a break she will make faces at him so he will chase her again. She then sits for a break and because she is mad at her brother for taking her ball.She gets a bratwurst to eat and then gets thirsty. She sees that everyone has there name on their cup so she wants her name on her cup. Well Faith is to little to be able to read so Kevin draws a smiley face on there for her. She just loved it and drank from it all night. The day was great and I was rested up enough by the end of the evening to get in on a game of volley ball myself. My team lost HE HE HE HE HE :-)


kasper794 said...

I hate the pics of myself but great job. I had a blast that day and so did everyone else Randy included despite his ribs.

Liquid said...

Beautiful reasons!

Missed ya'......much!

Michelle said...

It looks like a fabulous Family gathering!

Suzie said...

You are having such a great summer!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Your photos envelope what is truly important in our lives ... family.

I always love my stops here Sindi.

May the Lord bless you, and everyone in your circle :-)