Monday, October 31, 2011

Santas, Snowmen and Elves

Every year I make Snowmen and Santa door knob covers. Last year I tried also making elves and smiley face door knob covers. It it getting close to that time of year again so I thought I would post the pictures from last year. I found this in my draft box and I can not believe I never posted this for everyone to see. The first thing I needed to do was make sure I was going to have enough eyes, noses and smiles to make my little friends come to life. I crochet all the head and bodies and then sewn them together. I then added on the noses and buttons.

I then gave them eyes to see with and man were they looking all over the Then it was time to glue on their smiles. Each one has a different kind of smile and their own personality.

Everyone is all smiles now and have on their proper scarfs and hats. Smile
Time to place them all in plastic so they will stay clean until they are sold. Patiently waiting their turn to be bagged up. I gave my counselor a smiley face and he asked if I could make him a frowny one also, so I did. He told me that when it is OK for people to enter his office he puts the smiley on the door. When he doesn't want to be disturbed then he puts the frowny on the door.

Here are all the finished Santas, Smileys, Elves and Snowmen.Whatever I didn't sell I ended up giving away as gifts.


Michelle said...

I remember those. I can't find the ones you made me :( Awesome job as always

Amel said...

They're SO CUTEEEEE!!!! The smiley and frowny face are brilliant for the counselor's door he he he he...:-D

Amel said...

Oh forgot one're SO talented!!!! :-D