Friday, February 29, 2008

I Got The Message!!

OK, my life is not as happy go lucky as I like to let on. This past weekend was proof of that. I did learn something though. If God wants to give you a message boy, does He. This is a public acknowledgment to say, I Got IT !!

Last weekend I bought me a new book to sit on my nightstand. I like to read a little before I go to sleep. It seems to put me into a more peaceful state of mind and I sleep better. I have read my usual book, Bedside Book of Angels, about 20 times and could probably even read it backwards while standing on my head. Kevin and I were out running when I spotted the book, Bedside Blessings. I don't like to spend so much on a book, $14.00, when I know I can get them second hand but this time something said just buy it, so I did. The book is set up so you can read a page every night for a year. Since I did not buy it until February I figured I should read a couple a pages a night to get caught up.

My husband and I got into a huge fight the following night. I was so mad that I think the whole neighborhood heard me screaming. I was finally fed up with everything and told him that I thought we were looking at the big D (divorce). I finally calmed down after not speaking to him for hours. We went to bed and I pulled out my little book. I had made it as far as January 15 in the book.

This is what January 16 said:

Deceptive baits are set out about us each day, and they don't all come from individuals. Some of them come from a cable television channel or the Internet or a magazine or peer pressure at school or colleagues at work.

So allow me to say this very straight: The greatest gift you can give to your marriage partner is your purity, your fidelity. The greatest character trait you can provide your spouse and your family is moral and ethical self-control. Stand firm my friend. Refuse to yield.

Prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers. James 1:22

The day after the big fight I went back to the same store and purchased another book that jumped out at me. I like to read stories about Angels so I just had to get it. I finally had some time later on that day to start reading it. I read through the introduction and finally came to the first story. The title of the first story was Be Calm, I dropped the book. It is safe to say I got the point.

The message I got:

Stand your ground if you believe that you are correct. You can make your point with out all the drama. Keep your big mouth shut and show restraint. If you want your family to discuss problems like adults then maybe you need to act like one yourself. Instead of just listening to the word of God try applying in your life.


Matt-Man said...

Messages come when and where we least expect them to. Cheers Sindi. I'll have part of your meme up in a little while. Cheers!!

Nicole said...

God is awesome. He speaks to us directly when we need it most. What an uplifting and inspiring story.

janethvicy said...

Hi how are you!!got a tag for you..Please grab it when you have time..Take care..God Bless

Amel's Realm said...

GREAT post, Sindy! LOVE the message that we should apply God's Word in our lives. ;-D

Btw, check out my pic as Vampirella Amel he he he...;-D

Roger said...

Those a very powerful messages! Thanks for sharing them!! I have a award for ya if you want it Sindi click here for your award!

Trinity said...

Sindy, it's really good to know that you are 'hearing' God's word! God is loving, He is awesome... He takes care of us really carefully!