Monday, March 17, 2008

Four Legged Visitors

Beth of I'll Think of Something has been coming over to visit me, like she has been doing for years,but lately she has been bringing visitors.

This is Mooshie. She has been over to visit me before. Beth has always brought her dogs over to visit because she knows I am very afraid of dogs. She has always brought them over so I could get use to dogs and will no longer be afraid. I am more afraid of big dogs then the little ones. Beth owns very big dogs. Mooshie is her smallest.

This little sweety is Puppy Doo. She is Beth's Mother's dog. Puppy Doo is the oldest dog. Beth's Mother has had her for years. My son always played with her when he was little and we would go to Beth's for a visit.

This is Chicka. She is just a puppy right now, but when she grows up she will still be this little. She is not afraid of anything either. She goes after the bigger dogs and even my dog T.J. My dog is afraid of her and runs when she comes near him. It is so funny to see him run from a dog so much smaller then him.
I just had to take this picture because they just looked so sweet sitting there.I have learned over the years that not all dogs are bad. I think it just depends on their owners and how they are treated. I am not so afraid of dogs any more. :)


kasper794 said...

The dogs are adorable. Even if Mooshie growls when I'm there. Great job on the post.

Roger said...

Thats a good looking bunch of dogs!

74WIXYgrad said...

Dogs can sense when you're afraid of them. Now as far as big dogs versus little dogs, I thing the little dogs naturally are meaner than big dogs. I say naturally because most of the fighting dogs, such as pit bulls, are trained to be that way.

stacys1175 said...

they are so sweet:) I think Mooshie is a big teddy bear. LOL!! so sweet:)