Monday, March 31, 2008

My Crazy Week
My week has been a really messed up week.A lot has gone on.

My son got all As on his report card and his GPA is still 4.0. I am raising one smart(a**)kid.

These are a couple of photos from when my Hubby and Son went to see the Monster trucks.
I found this little guy while I was cleaning house. I decided to be nice and let him live. I did make a deal with him. I will leave him be as long as he doesn't come crawling across any part of me. He seemed like he was OK with the deal. If he brakes our deal, he will be one dead spider.

My little visitor that I wrote about before has returned. He did not do any sun bathing today. He just sat there watching the birds. You can see another picture of him if you click Here.

My mother and Brother came over the other day and brought me a bunny. Isn't she cute?
Then Michelle of Rusin Round Up came over the same day and brought me this beautiful basket that contained a smore, so I put the bear in it she got me last week to show you all.

I finally received the flower that I wanted for Easter. Kevin came home with it and also got me this cute frog. I thanked him but I also let him know he was not off the hook just yet. If you would like to know why my Hubby is in trouble then click Here.

The week went pretty good until yesterday . Michelle came over with her daughter, Faith. Faith had a boo boo that needed looked at. I checked it out and found that she had a piece of glass in it. I told Faith that I needed to get it out for her and I told her to please not be mad at me. I had got it out but, I had hurt her and made her cry, so I started to cry. I can't stand to she any child hurting but I knew I had to get it out. Faith was very angry with me for about an hour afterwards. Every time she looked at me she would start to cry. I had broke my baby girls heart. She loved me again before she left and I got a kiss and huge goodbye.She is just so sweet :-)


Martha said...


And congrats on the 4.0!!!!!!

kasper794 said...

Faith said she feels much better now. It defiantly looks better now. Thank you so much! I owe you one!

Sindi said...

Martha, thanks for the congrate on the 4.0. I will let my son know you said that.


You are welcome but I still didn,t like being the bad guy in all this. I can,t have the kiddies mad at me.

Roger said...

Congats to your sons A's! My Daughter got straight A's to I am so proud!!

jennifer said...

Aw, I'm glad that she forgave you. It looks like father and son enjoyed their night out. and a 4.0 - that is fabulous!


stacys1175 said...

looks like the guys had fun at the show:)HE!!HE!!

I'd kill that spider it won't keep his deal:)HE!!HE!!

loved your little vister:)HE!!HE!!

cute bunnys and as always faith is looking so cute:)HE!!HE!!

stacys1175 said...

oh yeah I forgot tell shawn congrats on the 4.0 good job:)