Thursday, March 20, 2008

Potato Soup :)

I wrote a post a while back talking about my potato soup. I have been asked several times for the recipe, but the problem is that I don't really go by one. I don't think my soup is any different or better then anyone else's.I just make your basic run of the mill soup. My main goal in cooking anything is to satisfy everyone and do it as cheap as possible.

For me there is a lot of people that come to visit me at my home. I not only enjoy feeding my company but I have to have enough left for two lunches for the following day. I like things to be simple and tasty. My soup can also be change to fit you and your family. I also cook a lot by taste and not by measuring and that is why it is so difficult to give a recipe. I have never been one to back down from a challenge so I am going to give this recipe a go. I hope it turns out for all of you. :)

I am going to try and put down my basic recipe. I will then give some suggestions you can add to it to make it your own special soup for your family.

Potato Soup

Potatoes--- Potato
The amount of potatoes depends on how many you plan to feed. I suggest 3-4 medium potatoes for each person. This gives you just enough per person and maybe a little more for later. I feed a lot of men so more is always better.
You can use it from a gallon jug or from cans. I prefer canned, but this is your soup, you choose. You will need enough milk to cover the potatoes in the pan. I buy 3 cans of condensed or evaporated milk, but this is not recommended for smaller families. I use 3 cans for 15 pounds of potatoes.
I would say about 1 Tablespoon of butter per person. If you are feeding 3 then add 3 tablespoons. If you like more of a buttery taste then go ahead and add more.
Salt and Pepper--
OK, now for this one you are on your own. I never add to much to my soup so my guest can add what they like to their own bowl.

This is the big pot I use to make mine. I fill it almost all the way to the top.It makes about 20 bowls.

How to make it:
1.- Figure up how many people you are planning to feed. If you plan on having 5 then you will need to peel and slice 15-20 medium to large potatoes. I like to cut mine into small cubes, but this is your soup so cut them the way you like.
2.- Place all the potatoes into a big pot and fill with water. Cook on stove at medium to high heat until the potatoes are soft. That means you will have to pluck one out and taste it. Add a sprinkle of salt to the tater it makes it taste better. HE HE HE
3.-When the taters are soft you can do 1 of 2 things.
A.- If you decide to use milk from a gallon jug then you need to drain all the water out of the pan. Add the milk so that it covers the taters. You want your taters to be taking a milk bath HE HE HE HE :) Stir
B.-If you decide to use the canned milk then you need to pour the cans in with the water that the taters are cooking in.I would say if you add 2 can you should be safe.Stir
4.-Lower heat to between low and medium heat. You want it to cook but not to boil. If it starts to boil then turn it down. When boiling occurs it can curdle the milk or make the milk scorch to the bottom of the pan. I would rather wait all night for it to cook then eat burnt soup. Stir.

Added Note: I have found that if you use a pan that is oven safe, you can pop it in the oven and bake the soup. This way is much easier. It does not scorch as easily. Just bake at 350 degrees until potatoes are cooked all the way through.

If you do happen to burn it just a little, don't scrap the bottom. Transfer to another pot and continue. If you were lucky it has not affected your soup. Don't worry I have burnt a few pots in my days because I get sidetracked with other things. If you are really lucky, you will find some one to wash that pot so you don't have too. I never seem to be that lucky. :)
5.- Add butter after you have added the milk. If you are serving 3 then add 3 tablespoons.Stir and Taste often.
6.- Add a shake or 2 of salt and pepper. Stir and Taste :) I recommend that you let everyone add more salt and pepper to their own bowls if they require more. Let it cook for how ever long you would like. It is more or less done when the milk gets hot, but I like to let it cook for about a half an hour to an hour. It gives me an excuse to get other stuff done before dinner time.

Suggestions: There are many different ways to have potato soup.
My friend Beth's family adds dumplings to their soup.
My friend Michelle uses her mother's recipe that calls for noodles and onions.
My brother likes his with kale (a leaf) and sausage.
I have had it before with sausage and it is pretty good.
Beth has had it once with onions and celery.
I have even seen it made with mushrooms added.

Make it your own special soup and have fun doing it. :)


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