Friday, May 16, 2008

Not Enough Time In The Day

A friend of mine,Beth, came to me the day before Mother's day. She starts to whine "Sinni you got to help me!" I give her the look of, oh my what now? She starts to tell me how she has no Mother's day gift for her Mother and no money to just run out and buy one. Then she also tells me that even if she did have the money she did not know what to get her. We sit and talk for a while when she remembers a small project that I did for another friend, Michelle. I had taken pictures of Michelle's children and put them on a Mother's day card for her Mother-in-Law.

Beth wanted the same thing so I said OK. The cards don't take that long for me to make. I had told her my printer was down so I would have to e-mail them to her Husband so he could print them out. Beth needed 2 different cards, one for each Mother. While we were putting together all the little details for the cards Beth remembers another project I had done. She tells me that she would really love me if I made her one. The project she was asking me to do was a very big one. Mother's Day was the next day but I happily agreed.

The project was one I had only done one time and it took me almost 4 months to complete. As a very special gift to my entire family for Christ+mas I made a DVD. I had gathered hundreds of family photos and scanned them to my computer. I added effects in between each photo and had music that played as the pictures came across the screen. I had even added the names to a lot of the photos, for future reference, so the younger family members would know who they were. I had to do a lot of the work in secret. I also had to tell a couple of little fibs. My Mother lives next door and she would come over and ask what I was doing and I would tell her I was blogging. The DVD was beautiful and almost everyone in my family cried.

Beth wanted this for her Mother for Mothers day, the next day. I told her that there was no way I could have it done it that amount of time. I did tell her I would still do it but it would take some time. She was just happy I was even going to try. She gave her Mother the card and told her that she had another gift in the works.

OK, so I was going to make this wonderful belated Mother's day gift for my friend to give to her Mother. I had one big, huge, enormous problem. My printer,copier,SCANNER was not working. How would I get all her pictures into my computer with no scanner. Beth gets depressed then turns to me with a big smile on her face. I know that smile, sometimes that smile scares me. She says as sweetly as she can" Could you take a picture of a each picture with your camera?" I grab the camera "lets give it a try!" I said.
The DVD was finished Tuesday night and Beth's Mom, Donna, got to see it before she went to bed. I made 8 copies so her entire family can have one, I even made one for me. Don't worry, I am still not burnt out on taking picture even after 4 days of doing it.Photographer I think I have found something I really enjoy doing and it makes people happy.

I would like to apologize to my blogger friends for not coming around to your blogs as much. There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day.I am going to try to catch up on my blog hopping this weekend.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Smile and Hugs to all :-)


Hazel said...

hi, have a nice weekend too.

Suzie said...

You are a very good friend. Have a great weekend

Amel's Realm said...'re a VERY creative and helpful person, Sindi!!! KUDOS for you! :-))))

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you did a very good job on it :) I really enjoyed watching it.

Liquid said...

Take care of you, darlin'!


Roger said...

You rock Sindi! :D