Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Scaredy Cat

This is one of my cats. Her name is Scaredy. She is the baby of my other cat, Stormy. We call her Scaredy because she is so easy to scare and its soooooo funny. She loves to just stare at me sometimes for no reason. When she stares I wonder what in the world could she be thinking. She likes to hide in the covers and jump out but then she gets scared and runs back under the covers. She has grown since last year but look how cute she was when she was little. Scaredy is bigger now and she thinks she can just do whatever she wants. I walked in the other night and found her on my desk sleeping. I log into my computer and I try to play on Face book and she decided I didn't need too. I continue to use my computer and she moves and gives me a look to say she is not pleased. She then sees that I am not going to stop typing so she moves again. My son comes in and starts laughing because of her being right in my way. He picks up the massager to massage her. She loves it. She rolls over so he can get the other side too. After he is done she just covers her face and says leave me alone. Please go away. I am hiding. Good Night Scaredy.LOL

Black Cat


Amel said...

AWWWWWWWWWW she's so cute!!! :-D LOVE the pics, Sindi!

Michelle said...

awesome pics. wow that kitten has grown.