Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bean Dinner

I went to the bean dinner again this year. I have found that I greatly enjoy the ride there and we stop at some yard sales on the way. This year I went with my best friend, Beth, and my mom again. We like to go every year and get 2 full ice cream buckets full of beans


Here are the huge pots they make all the beans in.

We love to sit and here the band play.

Beth loves to come just to get deep fried pickles

This year I decided I was going to try one

They were pretty good and I helped her finish them off

My sister showed up also to get beans.

She was up on the hill heading our way.

They have what they call cake walks there every year. Last year Beth , mom and I all won a cake, well Beth won 2. You pay a dollar and then go stand on a number. My niece Caitlyn smiled for me in this picture.When the music starts you just start walking in a circle. My nephew Joe is looking at me funny because eh doesn't want his picture taken.

By the end of the day and the cake walks, I was the only one who won a cake. I filled up on beans all day but couldn't wait to try a bite, even before I took a picture.

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