Sunday, December 4, 2011

What I have been doing in the past couple of months

Here is a post I found in my draft box from the year 2009. It shows a lot of different things that went on that whole year. It brought back a lot of nice memories for me. I am posting it to share and to also have so in the future I can look back and rememeber those times again.


In February of 2009 for Kevin and my anniversary I bought us new bible covers. Kevin got me flowers, carnations, my favorite.

For A Valentines Day Dinner at church I made this cake.

We went yardsaling all summer and I found thei nice box to put my old bible in.

All the bargin places we went we found so many nice items.

I went to Pumpkin Works that year for my birthday

I love coming here when I can

I also like to take goofy pictures while I am here

I pet the hay horse, i dont think he liked me.

Look at that look he is giving me

Shawn and I being silly

There were lots of pumpkins

This is the whole reason I come here.

I love my pumpkin ice cream from here

Christmas of that year I decorated my tree and the outside of my house.

I love to do it every year. I make my own ornaments or my tree.

kevin got me a smoman cookie and that dang thing was as hard as a

There was a christmas party at church that year and

I brought veggies and pumpkin bread to share

We had fun there and a lot of laughs

I made Ham salad and little sausage things

for us to bring in the new year munching

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Amel said...

LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the pics, Sindi!!! So many wonderful memories! :-D