Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Memories of The Tragic Day

September 11,2001 so many of us remember that day. We all have memories of that day and how we felt. This is just a small portion of what I was feeling on that day and How I feel about it today.

My friend Beth and I were sitting on my couch playing around. We were hitting each other with pillows, laughing and just being stupid. I usually have children to watch but on this day I managed to get a brake. Beth and I were enjoying the morning with no kids running around until the phone rang. It was our friend Stacy and she was telling us that a plane crashed. We didn't think to much about it because we had heard about planes crashing before. I get depressed over bad news so I didn't want to hear about it. A few minutes later Stacy's husband called and told us that we needed to turn on the T.V. I turned the channel to see that an airplane had hit right into one of the Twin Towers. We could not believe it.

As we sat there watching, a lady came on and said that it was a live feed from where she was. I watch and pointed out to Beth that there was another plane. I remember telling her that I hope the smoke does not cause any problems to the other plane. She told me not to worry about the other plane because it was probably to far away. We sat there bickering that it was to close or to far away. We watched as the plane went crashing into the other Tower. I can recall saying really loud"What the hell?" and I heard Beth gasp. The news Lady was so in shock by the whole thing that I think she forgot she was on camera.

I did not think it could get any worse and then it did. I watched in horror as the first Tower came down. People were running just to try and escape the debris that was coming towards them. People were diving under cars to get away. After a few seconds the smoke and debris filled the air to the point that we could no longer see what was happening. My heart sank and I began to cry when the second Tower came down. I kept thinking to myself that maybe the Towers were up just long enough f0r people to get out. I was praying that a great majority of the people were safe and running away from the Towers.

For at least an hour or more after it happened I never stepped away from the T.V. I wanted to know why and how something like this could happen. I thought for a short while that it was some fluke accident, that an air traffic controller might have screwed up and flown the planes into the Towers. They slowly started to tell the nation what was going on, but I could not understand why. I could not believe that people, Monsters, planned out the whole thing. The Terrorist wanted to hurt and kill innocent people. All over the fact that we don't all think the same. Because some one decided they wanted to bully other people and try to make them do what they want. They want to try and make people think the way they think. Many people had to die just so they could get their point across?

Men have found and died so we could have the freedoms that we have today. The Terrorist want to come here and try and take those freedoms away from us. I will always try to celebrate 9-11 and remember the people who's lives were lost. Just like the men who fought and died fighting for our freedom in the past , the lost lives of 9-11 will live on as symbols of our freedoms that we now have to fight for today.

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