Monday, January 2, 2012

Church Christmas Party

The party started out with everyone sitting around eating and just having fellowship. I gave out the bags of goodies that Kevin and I bought for everyone. Brother Kenny had to turn and make funny faces when I was taking pictures. Nathan was happy and laughing.

We played a sort of newlywed game and
Brother Kenny lost so he got the candy cane Kevin and I came in 3 place.Robin and Richard were the winners. It was then time to pass the gifts around to see who got what in the male gift exchange. The gifts were being passed so fast that at times they were getting dropped. There was lots of laughing. The men were pleased with what they got. It was then time for the ladies. We passed our gifts a lot slower then the men. We knew ours were breakable. Around and around the gifts went. We finally got to stop passing the gifts. Sister Nancy got the jewelry box I brought. Robin got soaps.Shirley got soaps also Faye got a large hot cocoa mug and I got a butterfly bird bath.

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