Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meat Loaf :-)

Large Meatloaf


4 pounds ground beef

1 box crackers, containing 4 small packages in it

3 eggs


6 cans sliced or whole potatoes

2 cans carrots

salt and pepper


Place ground beef in and bowl.

Crush crackers and place in bowl.

Add eggs
Mix all together

It will not look pretty at first...lol

Form into a ball and place into pan

Form into a loaf shape

Pour potatoes and carrots (not drained) all around.
If you don't like the canned ,you can slice potatoes and carrots yourself, but add water to the pan.
I would estimate about 4 cups of water

Salt and pepper as you desire.
Cook in oven for about an hour at 350 degrees.
Remove from oven and slice in half.
This will help the center cook faster
Add ketchup to the top
Place back in over for another hour.


This make a very large meat loaf.

It feed the 3 of us and then I have some that my Husband takes for lunch. I then have a large bowl left to eat from for a couple of days. The leftovers can be divided into small lunch size portions and froze for use at a later time.

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