Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It is the start of a new season of football. I love to watch my son practice and play the game. I never really cared much for the sport until Shawn started to play. I am up in the stands screaming for him to plow the field with the little guys. My son is twice the size of most of the players so he looks like a giant to them. He is number 79 in this picture.I have had a lot of parents talking to me or family members about how big he is. They say stuff like " I don't know who that big guy is but he better keep his hands off my child." I just sit back and laugh cause they don't know that I am the big guy's mom. One of my husband's relation that we have not seen in years came to the game Saturday. She was talking to us about the big guy on the field and how she hopes he does not get a hold of her son. I just turned to her and said "well if he does I am sorry and I hope he doesn't hurt your son to bad. This is a picture of him with one of his team mates. He is knelt down in this first picture and standing up in the second one.

He is not happy and very tired. In these pictures he is number 99.

My brother, Chris, works with a couple of ladies who also have their children in football. From what he tells me Shawn is the talk of the town. They were complaining to him about the big guy and were asking him if he knew the kid because they know his nephew plays on the same team. Before Chris could answer them they started in telling him how the big guy better keep his hands off their kids. Chris just looked at them and laughed. He told them that the big guy was his nephew and if they didn't like it then the girls volleyball try outs would be starting soon and they can sign their boys up for that.

Shawn tries to be careful because he is afraid he will hurt one of them. Last year it caused a big problem because he was so afraid of hurting some one that he would not try his hardest to win. We finally convinced him that the other children knew when they signed up that they would get hurt so he is trying a bit harder this year but he is still afraid of hurting some one.

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Kathy said...

Hey Sindi, he does look like a big guy. I know you love watching him play. Enjoy it while you can. He must be a good-hearted guy if he's afraid of hurting the smaller ones.