Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meeting New People

This is a blog I wrote for my space and I wanted to extent it to my blog here. Let me know what you think of it.

I find it hard these days to meet new people. You never know who is out there and you never know if you will be accepted by those people. I have been trying to branch out a little to meet some new people but find my self afraid of who I may come across. I never knew that there were so many mean and nasty people in the world.

I will admit I have met some very wonderful people in my journey to make new friends but does the few I have met out weigh the ones that are, to put politely, unkind. Why do people choose to be mean and perverse to others when all they want are people to talk too. I know that there are some nut jobs out there, I am not so stupid to believe that I would not come across a few. I just never understood why someone would want to intentionally be mean to another person.

I pray that some day it would be safe to just go out and meet new people without the worry but I know that day will never come. Please give a smile to a neighbor or to someone passing you on the street. You never know when that person may be a new friend.:)

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