Monday, August 6, 2007

Just another glorious weekend!

Today the heat index had gotten as high as 105 and boy was it hot. I had a yard sale over the weekend with my friend Beth and my Mother. I pick a bad weekend to have it. The news reported that this was to be one of the hottest weeks this year. Thanks a lot guys! It would have been nice to know this before I planned a huge sale. The sale did not go to bad. Beth and I sat in the heat waiting for people to show up. The first day went OK. The sun was out and there were not to many clouds in the sky.Beth was tired because she had sat up the previous night and made no bake cookies and marshmallow treats to sale. I had set everything up for the sale the same night so I to was tired.I did get a chance to get close enough to a butterfly to take it's picture. I could not believe it just sat there and let me get close to it. The second day was awful and we had to rush around to put everything under a shelter because the news reported rain, which they failed to report earlier in the week. When they did report it they said a small shower. Wrong! It poured like I had never seen it do before. By the third day we were ready to call it quits. People just did not want to come out of their homes to go to yard sales. My friend Michelle came over with her little girl,Faith, and I got a big kiss from her. Just seeing her made my whole day better. All in all we made over $150.00. We also got pretty good sun burns out of it too.


Charli said...

the picture of the butterfly is really pretty.

Kathy said...

Hi Sindi,
This week, we have also had this horrible hot weather. It has been 100 or over every day and today we topped out at 106!!! I have never known us to have weather this hot in my lifetime. And we haven't had rain in ages. I added you on myspace! Thanks for finding me.