Friday, August 24, 2007

Little Prayers

Today is the first day I have been alone in over a week and I AM LOVING IT! Kevin has been on vacation and we have been spending time together and working on stuff around the house. He had to go back to work today and Shawn is at school. My friends are usually here but Stacy has asthma and because of the heat it is better if she stays home in the air. My friend Beth is running around town with my Mother and Brother. That leaves me plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the day the Lord has made.

A fellow blogger and friend named Kathy had wrote a blog about being blessed. If you would like to read it you can got to , her blog is worth reading. Today I was shown just how blessed I am. I was also reminded that even the smallest of request can be answered.

Kevin has been home all week like I had stated earlier and I am just not use to him being home during the day. I am use to doing my everyday routine just like before, well it didn't work out that way. We went to places for lunch and had picnics in the park. We took a couple of small shopping trips to get Shawn some more things for school. There were jobs that needed to be done around the house like painting the trim around the windows. Things just didn't go the way I had planned, but do they ever.

Anyways, I handle all our finances and even though we live from pay check to pay check we always manage to get bills paid and have enough for some play money. Kevin being home threw me off and I had forgotten to write down some money that we spent. All I could do was cry. I had not figured everything up yet but knew I had screwed up. I knew there was not going to be enough money to cover what needed to be covered. I sat down at my desk and said Lord help me. I started to figure up everything and then I figured up our finances for this week. The closer and closer I came to the bottom of the pile of bills the more scared I got. I was so into figuring it up that when I got to the bottom I couldn't believe it. There was still money left. I figured it up again and it still came out the same. I was so happy I turned to my picture of Jesus on the wall and screamed " YOU ARE THE MAN!", " YOU ARE JUST TOTALLY AWESOME!"

I had not said a big prayer, just a small one. I just said Lord help me. I know that he see all we do and hears everything we say, but sometimes I would wonder does he really pay attention to little ol' me. Does he hear the little prayers? Today that question was answered better then I thought it could be answered. YES! He does!


Kathy said...

Awww Sindi, That is such a great story! I am so glad you had the money there and I'm so glad you gave the Lord the credit for his blessings! You are right, He is the MAN! God bless you.

Kathy said...

One more thing...thank you for your kind words about my blog. That was so sweet of you.