Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogger Problems

Well from the looks of it Blogger is having some problems. I had a post I wanted to put up today but because I can't get my pictures added I will wait.

I added my e-mail address to my side bar so if anyone wants to talk outside of blogger feel free to write me.

I am just sitting here eating some peanut butter on crackers. I haven't figured what to cook for dinner tonight and my son is at a track meet.I am going to try and blog hop tomorrow. If I have not been by your blog in a while I will try to stop by. Well I hope blogger has its problems fixed so I can put up my post later. God Bless and Keep SmilingSmile


Hazel said...

hi, just passed by.Have a nice weekend

Roger said...

Blogger can be funny like that Sindi hang in there! :D

stacys1175 said...

no problems on my end maybe its the operator (LOL!!!!!!!!) :) love you my sindi:)