Friday, April 18, 2008


I have been having fun for the past 2 weeks as you have all been reading about in my previous posts. Tuesday was warm out so my friend Beth and I decided to go out in my front yard and play catch.This is not ordinary catch. I saw this monster catching set at the store and I just had to get it. If it says monster my family has to have it. My sister owns the monster badminton set, my brother the monster valley ball set and now me with the monster catching set. I only bought one set so we had to take turns with my brother and some friends that showed up. The catching disks are bigger then my head and that is great cause in this family they like to fire the balls at you. I loved it and we were out there for 3-5 hours just being kids again and goofing off. I didn't have a care in the world besides playing and not getting hit with the ball. That night I wished I would have put sun block on my face. My poor cheeks were burnt. I did not think you could get a sunburn in spring but I found out you can.

When it got to late we all came in side. My brother just had to try out a Bingo game that I picked up at a yard sale. I went in and gabbed a bag of candy I had for when kids visit and used it as prizes. You can't play Bingo without prizes. You would never know the room was full of adults. We all acted like a bunch of kids. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. I know this summer it is going to get crazy. It has already started!

Today a group of us wanted to play again but I had to fix the disks first. We had played with them so much that the threads were coming undone. I went to sew them by hand and it was hard because the material was thick. I could not find a thimble so I did it without one. One good push and I shoved that needle right through my nail. My brother heard me whine and came in to see what was up. He saw the needle through my nail and started laughing at me. He then walked back into the other room and returned shortly with a bottle cap. He stuck it on my thumb and told me to use that as a thimble then walked away again laughing. Brothers can have good ideas but I still think he is a butt head for laughing at me. I know the cap will come in handy because I have a lot more sewing to do tomorrow.

Sewing Machine

My friend Johnny, from down the street, came over with his little boy, Austin, today. I just love it when they come to visit. Austin tries to get into everything, but whenever I tell him no he just smiles at me. He is such a sweety.

Tomorrow is Friday and that means the weekend. I never know what is going to happen on the weekends or who will be stopping by for visits. Maybe I can hit the yard Sales!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Now that was one fun post. The bottle cap thimble rocks!!! LOL :)

Have a nice weekend Sindi


Suzie said...

I'm jealous. I feel so isolated I cant remember the last time anyone came to visit. Its weird to be in a city and feel so alone other than my kids. It sounds like a great day though. I hope you have a great weekend.

stacys1175 said...

sounds like you auys had fun kind of jealous that I did not get to play but oh well that is life. jonny little one is cute:) I will have to agree with speed cat about the thimble.