Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thank You :-)

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their prayers.

My friend Donna is out of the hospital and doing better.I know the power of prayer is what helped Donna. She had gone into a diabetic coma and had to stay there all weekend. Donna is in need of a kidney but because of medical problems she can not be given a new one. She is the one person in my life that I can say has been my rock. Donna has never backed down from anything in her life or any one. She has come through so many things in her life and she still keeps going. She is my adviser, my mentor, and my friend. If I could give just one thing to the world, it would be a friend like Donna.

I will try to get to everyone blogs as soon as I can. I have been going through a lot but like I always say "worry when you see my smile fade and it no longer returns, for when that happens I am truly sad." God Bless You All :-)


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Sindi, having a friend like this in life is worth more than any dollar amount. To me, this friend is my father - I guess I'm pretty lucky in this fact :-)
Donna sounds like a fine person. I can see why you are concerned about her well being!

God bless,

ps ... I just walked in from work, and your comments came in. They gave me a big smile.

Roger said...

I am glad your friend is doing better! And I hope that you can get a break for yourself!! :D

stacys1175 said...

I'm happy to see donna is doing good:) love you my sindi

P.S. your blog is amazing just like you:) big hugs

Dana said...

I am so happy your friend Donna is doing better and is out of the Hospital...

I will keep her in my prayers!!!

Martha said...

((((Sindi, Donna and family))))

Prayers continuing!