Monday, April 28, 2008

First Part of Last Week

I have been having a very eventful week all week. I am going to have to write this in 2 parts because there is so much to tell.

Last Sunday the 20th, it was so nice out that Stacy came over with her 2 girls and we sat outside and talked. My friends Beth and Tiffany came over also. Tiffany and Katelynn,Stacy's youngest daughter, sat in the grass looking for 4 leaf clovers.

It took them a while but Tiffany did find one.On Monday Michelle came over for a visit and to bring me a book. This book is cool because at the end of every chapter there is a place to write my feelings about what I read.The kids were playing ball in the back yard. Gage took the ball away from Faith. She tried to take it back, but she was just not strong enough. Faith decide to give her bubby a good slap. He just laughed at her. She tried to hit him in the family jewels, but that did not work. She even tickled him and he still sat on her ball.Aunt Sindi came along and pushed him off the ball. Faith was Happy again. HE HE HE HE On Tuesday I went to a second hand store with Stacy. I bought 4 books and a belt for my son and I only spent $2.00. Stacy and I went back to my house for a big glass of my wonderful tea. Bill from down the street came over to visit us. He brought baby Bill to visit also. We had a very nice visit before Stacy had to head home to cook dinner.The first part of last week was pretty great. I hope to post tomorrow about my very exhausting but fun weekend.
Have A Great week Everyone!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Hi Sindi!!
Another fun post ... you must have a super camera - as your photos always turn out so nice.

Have a super week yourself :-)


Suzie said...

What a nice weekend good for you

Dana said...

what cute pics.. looks like everyone was having fun..

I'm glad you had a nice weekend and hope you have agreat week too...

Roger said...

Looks like a good weekend Sindi, can't wait for the rest. Awesome photos!! :D

Hazel said...

the second hand books look new, it's worth