Friday, April 18, 2008


I was woke up today by the room shaking. I could hear the glass doors on the bedroom entertainment center shaking. I rolled over and told the Hubby that the room was shaking. He told me I was nuts and went back to sleep. I went back to sleep myself to be awaken by Hubby yelling that the news said there was an earthquake. All I could do was look at him and say" See I told you I wasn't nuts". He gave me a look and walked away, he hates it when I am right.


The day went as it always does when I hear the glass on the entertainment center shaking again and I feel the house shaking. My dog came running in and just stopped and looked at me. I told him we would be fine but I think I said it more for me then for him. This time I thought I was nuts. I called Stacy of My Thoughts and as soon as she picked up the phone she says"Did you feel that?" I told her yes and that was the reason for my phone call. She tells me that the news caster just came on so I had to run to the living room to turn on the T.V. He reported that we had an after shock. There had been 4-5 aftershocks but this one was more intense then the others.

Weatherman 1

My Brother came over and he had brought me lunch. He tells me that I can have it after I come out to the van and see what he has bought. I was not going to say no. He bought me my favorite all time chicken. This chicken is not just normal chicken. This chicken is the bomb bay baby. This is a photo of a dozen Garlic Parmesan chicken wings. Yummy! We go out to the van and there in the trunk is a horseshoe set, new basketball and a stronger volley ball set. He then tells me that he has found about 4 more games for our summer of fun but he has to wait until next week to get them.
Horseshoes ~~~~~~ Basketball~~~~~~Volleyball 1

After lunch my friend Beth shows up and then our friend Evan, from across the street, comes over. My Brother, Chris, talks us all into a game of horse shoes.I did not do so good but I had fun.This is Evan but I call him Evan Almighty.LOLThis was Beth's first time playing and she started to get pretty good.She was very happy when she made her first ringer. This is a picture of Chris and Evan. There was a small accident while we were playing. My yard is just a bit to small and my brother threw the horseshoe just a bit to hard and then our cooler just jumped right out in front of him.LOL We have a nice big hole in it now. I couldn't help but laugh. It was the first time in my life I have ever seen my brother's bottom lip hit the ground. LOLMichelle of Rusin Roundup stopped in for a quick visit with little Faith. Faith was wearing her cheerleader outfit and out came my camera. We played horse shoes until it started to rain but I was lucky enough to get this photo before the rain started. Tonight I hope to get some sleep and not be awaken by shaking tomorrow. I hope everyone has a glorious weekend. God Bless


the donG said...

what a fun and moving day. thanks for the final words. i am indeed having a glorious weekend.

stacys1175 said...

looks likes you guys had fun again!!! happy to see everyone having so much fun yippeee for you guys.

Roger said...

Wow Sindi ya felt the earth move! And it looks like you had a fun day to!! Awesome photos!! :D

Liquid said...

OMGosh.........That is scary! I heard about it on the news but had no idea one of my favorite girls was shaken by it.....


Glad you and yours are o.k.

Loved this post, btw.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Your posts are just getting better and better.