Thursday, May 3, 2007

Total Blog Roll :)

I love to read many, many different blogs.This is my total list of all of them.

MY Favorite Blogs
My favorites are the ones I like to read the most. I have become good friends with these people and enjoy talking to them.

My Thoughts- Stacy

Kathy’s Klavier- Kathy

Amel’s Realm- Amel

This and That- Frasypoo

Rusin Roundup- Michelle

Seek Him First- Cliff

WIXY Gone Bananas- Cliff


ATTITUDE, The Ultimate Power- Mel

Speedcat Hollydale-Eric

Idaho Daily Photo-Roger

I’ll Think Of Something- Beth

Minimalist Mommy- Nicole

Peace of My Mind-Warren, Pilgrim

Bagwine Ruminations-Matt

The Totally Transparent Party- Azzitis

Other Blogs I Like To Visit
The blogs in this section are blogs that I enjoy reading. I am getting to know the people behind the blogs and hope they will become good friends of mine.

Welcome to My Crazy Life-Martha

Up The Hill Backwards-Suzie

Just Talk-Dana

From The Roads-Robert

How Now Blue Cow-Jack K.

One Man’s View from Lansing ,KS-Jack K.

Choc Mint Girl- Crystal

Dust Bunny Hostage-Jennifer

Real World Mom- Stacey

Liquid Plastic- Amias

My Life, My Hope, My Future...-Hazel


Through My Eyes-

My Life-Kelcey

Gage’s World- Gage

Our World As We See It- DD2, Debonair Dude

Blogs I like to read occationally
These blogs have peeked my interest and I like to visit them when I have the time. Some of them never respond back to my comments but I still enjoy reading them. Alot of these are blogs I have been visited by or I have visited only once or twice. They are what I like to call my fly by night bloggers. I always like to think there might be a new friend among one of them.

Creative Treasures-Michelle

Writing in Faith-Sandy



Juliana’s Site-Juliana

Rick’s Time on Earth-Rick

Something To Smile about- Daszzle


Everyday Should be Christmas-Santa

Behind The Badge

Odd Facts

K.W. Michael- Mikey

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