Sunday, May 6, 2007

Where To Turn?

I chose at a young age to follow the Lord. I started going to church and spent most of my life thinking of them as family. I went against family and friends to stand for what I believed to be the right way in my life. I went to public school and was spat upon and beaten for standing up for my beliefs. I never backed down and never let the smile fade from my face. I spent two and a half years at an academy run by the church. Then after an unfortunate incident I left. I felt abandoned by the only family I had ever known and the only people I felt safe with.

The church is gone now and replaced with a store. I still have a lot of my old beliefs but can not find a church to call my home. I also have new beliefs and don't know where they would fit in. I know from the deepest parts of my heart that the Lord is there and that serving him was when I was truly happiest in my life. I just don't know what I am. Friends have told me to just say that I am a christian,but what is a christian with no fellowship, lonely. Where do you go when you don't know what faith you are? I am a good person who has always tried to put others needs before the needs of myself, but feel empty because I miss the fellowship of christian friends. I would never let it bother me before but, with the recent events that have been happening in our world I feel that I need to be where I have truly felt the safest. Where do you turn when you know in your soul that there is a place that God wants you and you can't find it? The pull of a love so deep that it causes you pain to be away.

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