Tuesday, May 8, 2007

True Friendship

True friendship is the hardest thing in this world to find ,
and even harder to keep. I find that it is much harder for
me to be a true friend then it is to except true friendship.
It is so easy to say you are a true friend to some one but
to live up to it takes real work. It is easy to be there for
them and keep contact but if I don't here from a friend
then I start to wonder do they really care for me as much.
Are they as caring as I am and should I be that caring to
them. I want to try even harder to please them but then
wonder am I just being a pest to them. Being a true friend
takes a lot of understanding and compromise. You think you
know what they want and then see that you were totally
wrong and screwed shit up. The great part about it is with
true friendships when you do screw up they don't care
and love you even more for the effort. The only people who can
acquire true friendships are the ones willing to work their asses
off for it. So if you are out there and you feel that you can never
trust anyone or find real friends, well maybe you are not working
hard enough.

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