Saturday, October 13, 2007


DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That is how I am feeling right about now. I have been sitting here trying to think of something to write about, and nothing. I guess all I can do is talk about my week. That will be pretty boring too. I don't think any one wants to read about how I mopped the floors or cleaned the house.

I did make a very big pot of potato soup. I peeled 15 pounds of potatoes just to make a pot big enough to feed my loved ones. I fed the three us that night plus My Brother, and My Friend Beth and still had plenty more. Beth always loves my soup. Kevin and I had it again the following night for dinner also. Shawn didn't because he does not really like it.

I had Kasper(from Rusin Round Up) over for lunch the following day. Her family does not like potato soup so she never gets to have any. She had been over the day I was making it and asked if I would save her just a little bit to taste because it had been so long since she had gotten to have any. She was so happy to see that I saved her a nice Big Bowl of it. Her little daughter loved it too.

I also sent a bowl over to Sweet(from My Thoughts) and she loved it. She never gets to have it either. I had a little more fun with her though. I was kind of mean, I called her up and was describing how great the bowl of soup I was eating tasted. She whines over the phone about how mean I am. It is not fair to call and tell her about it. She tells me that I should know how much she loves it and not call and tell her about it. I just sit on the phone laughing at her as she whines to me about it.

What she did not know was that I was sending Kevin over with a bowl the following day. I sent the message that she was not allowed to call me until the bowl was gone. I did not want to hear her eating it and she would try to talk to me and eat at once because of being so happy. She called me later to say how much she loved me, all I could do was laugh at her some more. I told her that I had done it just to torture her, I have to let my mean streak come out from time to time.HE HE HE HE HE

Well how about that? I did not have any thing to write about and then pow! potato soup HA HA :)


stacys1175 said...

That so funny because you know me so well and how i would do anything for a bowl of your soup ha ha ha ha so when are we haveing some so i can make sure im there LOL

Kathy said...

I love potato soup!

Sindi said...


If you lived closer to me I would send you a bowl too. I love to feed my friends. At my house the rule is, if you starve it is because you were to lazy to go to the frig.

Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

He he're so funny!! You made me smile especially when reading the first paragraph of this post :D

Anyway, at least you've come up with something, Potato Soup!! Hmm, yummy!!

Sindi said...

Hi Mint Girl,

I am glad you enjoyed the story. Knowing that I Put a smile on your face put a smile on mine.

74WIXYgrad said...

Well...what did I tell you?

You did a good job of writing about what you know about. And you had a good time doing so.

Next time, unless it's a guarded family secret, give us the recipe, please.

kasper794 said...

I love your potato soup. Thanks for teaching me how to this stuff on here. love ya sis.

Miss Populair said...

lol thats so funny! i made potatoe soup once but it turned out really icky and i had to thow it away. i bet yours tasted alot better

Sindi said...

I have no problem telling you how to make my potatoe soup. Thank you too for the encouragements.

You are welcome for the soup and the help. If you need me just again just call.

Miss Pop,
Thanks for the comment and the visit. Maybe some day I will tell you how to make it and it will turn out ok. HE HE HE

Amel's Realm said...

HE HE HE're FUNNY, Sindi! Sometimes I tease other people like you do, as well, so I can understand the fun of it.

You're SO kind as to share your soup with so many people!!!!!