Saturday, October 20, 2007

Police Officer vs Bat :-)

My story starts when I first moved in next door to my Mother. Most of my life was spent in the house that is next door to me now. Growing up there was OK but we always seemed to get more bats then anyone else every year. I never knew why this happened, but it did.

My son was about six years old when this all took place. My Mother got another bat in the house. Chris is very afraid of bats. My Mother comes over saying that a bat is in the house again and Chris is stuck in his room with the bat flying around. At that time Chris would sleep in nothing, in other words, Butt Naked. He could not get out from under his covers long enough to even put clothes on. Every time he tried to, the bat would dive at his head.

It was summer so we could see and hear through the screen what was going on. I laughed and laughed and laughed, while he cussed and cussed and cussed. He yells out the window for Mom to run through the hall and throw some clothes on the bed so he can get out of there. She gets some clothes out of the dryer in the back of the house then run past his room and throws the clothes in. My Mother not only throws the clothes but she also flicks on the lights so he can see. I forgot to mention that this all happened in the middle of the night. He screams out" Thanks a lot Mom, before I could only hear the thing flying, but now I have to see it coming after me". That just sent all of us into hysterics.

He does finally get clothes on and we all tell him when to run. I have never seen my Brother move so fast. Like I said, he is deathly afraid of bats. He makes himself a nice good spot on my couch and says he is not going home until the bat is gone. He told my Mother to go get his stuff cause until the bat was gone he was moving in with me. I said"What!, you better call some one cause I am not living with him again", so Mom calls the police department.

What most people do not know is that it is the police departments job to take care of such calls. I don't think they get informed of this until after they become officers HA HA, they are to handle dogs, bats,birds, raccoons, and even alligators in some cities,and any other animal that is causing a problem. I couldn't believe it either,but I was told this by the officer who came out. He was a slender man and very tall. He had to be about 6'4. I remember this because the first thought that came to my mind when I saw him was, man that bat is going to smack him right in the head. He walks through the house and finds no bat. He tells us if we find it again to call and he will come back out.

We all felt stupid because we had him come out and then it was gone. Mom goes back over home and can not find it. Kevin goes over and can not find it. We know it is in there, but where. We end up coming up with a plan. Mom goes back to the house and turns off all the lights. Bats do not like the light so we figure if he is still there then he will come back out. A half an hour later Kevin goes back over there followed by my Mother. I stand on the porch just watching. I see my poor Mother get knocked backwards as Kevin comes running out the door. Mom doesn't wait to see why ,she just runs.

We call the police department again and again the same nice officer comes out. He has the look on his face of disbelief. From that look I figured he must have been thinking we were full of, you know what. He steps into the house to see if he can find the bat again. This time he got a surprise! The bat came right at his face. He hits the ground fast. He yells out" well I guess you guys were right it is a bat".

Some how he gets the bat cornered in my Mother's bedroom. He asks for a broom and goes into the room and closes the door. All of a sudden we hear loud booms and bangs coming from the room. This goes on for a while and I had to make a smart remark about it. I told her with a laugh"well this is one way to get a man into your room, Mom", she looks at me with the look that every child has seen from their mothers when they have done wrong. I still just laughed at the shocked look on her face. You could tell she was not expecting that to come out of my mouth. HE HE HE HE :-o

Because of my little joke we had not noticed that it got very quiet in the bedroom. The policeman came walking out with the bat in his hand. He was wearing a glove so he would not get bitten by the bat. He showed it to us and we all took a long look because we never saw one up close before. Mom made the comment that Chris will be happy to know it is gone. We walk out of the house to go tell Chris that the bat has been caught. The officer follows so he can put the bat out in the back some where. He had only stunned the bat and wanted to let it recover before it flew away.

The officer hollers up and asks us if the little guy inside wants to see the bat before he takes it out back. A mans voice hollers from inside and says" Don't you bring that thing in hear!". The stunned officer looks at us and asks"How old is the scared little guy?". All of us together chuckle and say"25" and we chuckle some more. The officer says he will go ahead and take the bat out back and lay it on top of the trash bin. You could see he had the biggest smile on his face when he heard how old my scared brother was. I think he might have even laughed a little.

The rest of the night we laughed at Chris and how scared he was. My son had slept through the whole thing that night. When he got home from school,the next day, Chris tells him the story about the bat. Chris acts all tough and leaves out the part about him being scared. Shawn asks if the bat is still back there,and Chris tells him that he doesn't know. They both decide to go see. Chris leans over the trash bin to look and see. Just as he gets bent over, Shawn let out a very loud screech and makes Chris jump right out of his skin. Chris chases Shawn up front and Shawn is just laughing the whole time screaming " I scared you, ha ha, I scared you". I thought it was a very funny night in deed.

I do want to say Thank you to the officer who came out and to any officer who has to go out and chase down one of these harden criminals. Bats are not something to mess with. HA HA HE HE. I also thought I would let you all know that since this incident Chris no longer sleeps Nakie:) HE HE HE HE


Anonymous said...

Graet blog ya got here.
Good luck with it.

kasper794 said...

awesome story sis. I loved it. I had something similar happen when I called an officer to the house to get a huge oppossum off our front porch. The officer's definalty deserve a big thank you.

74WIXYgrad said...

And I also take it that Chris has never hung out with Ozzy Osborne;-)

Amel's Realm said...

OH dear, Sindi...this is such a FUN story to read...except of course for your brother ha ha ha...

I LOVE your sense of humour...

Btw, since it's around 10.30 pm here, I hope you'll only read this in a few hours, 'coz I wanna say:


May God grant you everything you need and a little bit more he he he he...*wink* And don't forget to make a wish. Hope your wish comes true and hope you stay as happy, funny, and jolly!!!! God bless you and be with you always!!!

stacys1175 said...

That so funny I had forgot all about that reading your post made mr rember that night and I started laughing my but off bless it be and happy brithday my sindi love u stacy wacy

Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

That was one night!! I could imagine the whole scenario!! Luckily, nobody's hurt and turned out to be fun to share.:D