Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just A Little Different

Today my blog will be a tad bit different. I have so much to talk about that I am going to try and get it all in. For everyone who left a comment on my post entitled "Duh or Potato soup" I thank you. I have never received that many comments on a post before.

Do You Know Your Math:OK, now for what you have all been waiting for. The answer to the Math question. Well, I am sad to say I was wrong. I guessed 42 and the answer was 48. So if you got it right then my hats off to you. If you got it wrong well then you are in the same boat with me, and that's not that bad, unless my boat starts to sink. HE HE HE HE

Ghost Stories: So far I have gathered a couple but I think it is still a work in progress. I am going to compile all the stories and put them into 1 or 2 blogs. If you have a good ghost story please send them my way and I will post them in my blog with your name under it.

Potato Soup: My potato soup is nothing special. I do not add a bunch of stuff to mine like most people do. I make a basic soup and then I let everyone add there own salt and pepper. I will try and write out the recipe for it even though I don't really go by a recipe. I like to cook by tasting it. Each time you taste it ,it tastes different.

I fixed another pot yesterday and Sweet came by today for lunch. I started to dip her out a bowl and saw that she was hopping up and down with anticipation. I just busted out laughing again. She gets a frown and says"what". I had to tell her how dingy she looked. She looked like a small child jumping up and down waiting for a piece of candy or ice cream. I am still giggling over the look on her face.HE HE HE :)


74WIXYgrad said...

Once again good post. I thought it was 42 also.

I've been kicking around posting my recipe for breakfast burritos on my WIXY's Gone Bananas blog. Perhaps in the near future.

My two year old grand daughter gets that excited when I get her a Slim Jim.

stacys1175 said...

I confess I was jumping around I was sssssooooooo excited Icould not wait. I even weaseled my way over to her house for lunch. she had one of my bowls from when I brought her over lasagna. I told her that my bowl would look good if it had potatoe soup in it. HA!!!HA!!!!