Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Brother, The Fun Guy!

My brother, Chris, likes to take me out from time to time to have a little fun. I am usually cooped up in the house so he comes over and says be ready tomorrow at 7 am, we are going out. When he says that I know to listen or I will be missing out on some great fun.

Well because I am a slow poke we didn't leave until 8am. Chris, my Mother, my friend Beth and I headed to The Clabber Girl Museum. On the way we came across some workers with a huge crane loading a semi trailer onto another semi trailer. I just had to take a picture because I had never seen anything that cool in my whole life. When we get to the museum he sticks his big head into one of those wood cut outs. I could not help but laugh. I go and do the same thing and every one laughed at me. They said my hair matched with the cut out. My Mom gets into the picture and I just had to make faces. I love to be goofy and I am sort of a corn ball. After we walk through and saw all the cool old stuff Chris decides to get us all coffee. I don't usually drink coffee to often so the caffeine put me into a really goofy mood. The bake shop was a nice peaceful place to sit and have our coffee and a cinnamon roll. Well it was until I got in there. I was trying to dunk a piece of my cinnamon roll in my coffee when it fell of my fork right into my coffee. I say very loudly"Oh Sh**". Every one at the table burst into laughter and Chris tells me I need a bib, so I put one on. I sit there with my boo boo lip sticking out because I can not get my roll out of my coffee. This keeps everyone in stitches as they watch me fish it out, but I got it! I think the coffee went to my head.

We leave the museum and Chris takes me to the new putt putt golf place here in town. The place has the whole putt putt course in a room with black lights. This proves to be very funny because if you are wearing certain colors then it glows. I am looking down at my shoes to see my shoe strings glowing and when I look up I start to giggle at Beth. I run over to her to let her know there is a small problem with her shirt. What was the problem? You could see her bra glowing right through it! There were more wood cut outs there so I had to take one of me as a monkey. I kind of fit the part pretty well. We laughed a little more about our glowing clothes and started to play golf. There were a lot of nice places to take pictures but because of all the ones I have added to this blog I have decided I will only put my favorite one on here. This is a picture of Chris playing dead with his head in the alligator's mouth. The reason it's my favorite is because of what happened after the picture was taken. He could not get his head back out. Do you think any of us stopped to help him, Nope, we just stood there and laughed. My mother said" How many times have I told you not to stick your head in places it doesn't belong. He did get his head back out but he had a couple of scratches from the teeth. I had a great day with my loved ones and I still laugh just thinking of Chris' head stuck in a plastic alligator.

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