Sunday, October 7, 2007

God Bought Me Dinner Last Night:)

I just had to write about two more blessings I received yesterday. My hubby and I were running errands around town yesterday. We needed to get some shopping done because he had to work today. We were on a tight schedule because we had to be at my sons football game at 7:30.

We started to discuss what we were going to have for dinner. I had no idea what I was going to cook and with it going to be so late I really did not want too. We stop off at the last store so he could run in for some bathroom necessities and on the way back out I see him looking down at the ground. He just stood there for a minute and I was wondering what in the world was he doing. He looked like a ding dong just standing there staring at the ground. He looked around and then bent down to pick something up. He looked around again then came back to the van.

He gets this big smile on his face and says well you don't have to cook tonight. He pulls out this little ball of paper and it is a 20 dollar bill. There was no one else there to claim it and we sat there a few seconds to see if any one came looking for it. I put it in my purse and told him well I guess God is buying us dinner. He smiled and said I guess so and we left to go to the game.

The night did not end with that one, when we get to the game I get another Blessing. A very nice looking lady started walking towards me, I smile at her and she looked like she was about to huge me. I was trying to remember if I knew her or if I had ever talked to her before. She picked up her pace and came up to me and whisperd in my ear," here take my ticket to get into the game" then she sliped the ticket into my hand. I said thank you as she rushed away at a very fast pace.

I just could not believe it! First dinner and now a free pass into the game. We lost the game but just those two blessings have kept me in smiles all day today.


74WIXYgrad said...


One thing I'm really liking about this blog is your ability of showing your gratitude for the simplest of blessings. We can all learn a lession from your simple praise.

Amel's Realm said...

AHHHHH...this is such a NICE story! ;-D

Kathy said...

Oh, wow! It's so exciting to see the things God is doing in your life.

Sindi said...


I think we should all be greatfull for in the littlest of blessings in our lives.


I am so glad you liked it:)


I know, God has been doing a lot and I am just so thankful for it.